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  1. Lead Credit Allocation: When you use my affiliate code, I will receive three lead credits for your action. If you use a different affiliate code provided by another person, that individual will receive two lead credits, and I will receive one.

  2. Exclusive Affiliate Code: The use of an affiliate code is typically exclusive, meaning that only one affiliate will receive lead credits for a specific user's action. In cases where multiple affiliate codes are entered, the code that you use first will determine the lead credit allocation.

  3. Affiliate Disclosure: I may earn commissions or lead credits from qualifying purchases or actions made through the links provided with my affiliate code. This helps support my efforts and allows me to continue offering valuable content and services.

  4. Transparency: It is important to note that your use of an affiliate code will not affect the cost of any products or services you may purchase. The commissions and lead credits are earned by the affiliate, not paid by the user.

  5. User's Responsibility: It is your responsibility to ensure that you enter the correct affiliate code if you wish to credit a specific affiliate. Double-check that you are using the desired code before completing your action.

  6. Lead Credit Limitations: Lead credit allocation and terms may be subject to change, and not all actions may qualify for lead credits. Please refer to the specific affiliate program's terms and conditions for details on lead credit eligibility and redemption.

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